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Art Basel Miami Beach 2014
  • (left) Tiago Tebet. “Zona de Conflito”, 2014. Acrylic on MDF, 40 x 20 cm | (right) Tobias Putrih. "Potocka Zijalka/v1", 2014, various stacked materials

Following our curatorial proposal aiming to deepen the contact with the works by exhibiting at most two artists in our booths, we have selected new works by Tobias Putrih (Slovenia, 1972) and Tiago Tebet (Brasil, 1986). In common – in addition of being from recent generations – they have the interest in reinventing our perception by inventive uses of everyday materials and images, questioning sensorial and cultural standards in different levels.  + Alongside our stand, we are participating in the Film Program with Corda [Rope], a recent work by Pablo Lobato (Brasil, 1976), awarded by Loop Festival, Spain. In the video, images of celebration and penance recorded in a religious procession provoke the senses thanks to subtly disturbing edition and framing.

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FIAC 2014
  • 1/1

One of the most important art fairs in Europe, Paris FIAC hosts solo shows of Geraldo de Barros (1923 – 1998) and Regina Silveira – two internationally reputed artists whose works keep a fruitful dialogue through their critical response to modernism and contemporary issues. The works of Geraldo de Barros, a key name of Brazilian constructivism, and Regina Silveira combine a critical approach to mass culture and political issues with a concise visual repertoire, often based on drawing and geometry. // FIAC: 24 - 27 October, at the Grand Palais, Paris

ArtBO 2014
  • 1/1

In its first participation in Bogota’s ArtBO, Luciana Brito Galeria has selected works by Rochelle Costi and Pablo Lobato – two of the most prominent Brazilian artists of their generations. Rochelle Costi work is mostly based on installations, photographs, sculptures and interventions. Pablo Lobato’s practices combine cinema and the fine arts, but rather related with the discursive dimension of certain materials and experiences, than with any specific languages. In deeply distinct ways, both artists weave intimate/subjective and social/collective dimensions. // ArtBO: October 23 - 27 de outubro, at Gran Salón de Corferias, Bogota

ArtRio 2014
  • 1/1

In its participation in ArtRio 2014 Luciana Brito Galeria presents a solo show of one of the most important names in contemporary art world. Allan McCollum - Plaster Surrogates Colored and Organized by Andrea Zittel(photo) features works that were never exhibited in Brazil by North American artist who participated in the 28th São Paulo Biennial. Operating what the critical Rosalind Krauss called "an ironic rewriting of modernist art’s own attempts to reduce individual media to their very essence as genres, or aesthetic norms," the art of Allan McCollum has in the 'plaster surrogates' series one of its highest expressions.


The curated programmes of ArtRio 2014 will also be featuring artists represented by Luciana Brito: curated by Iranian Abaseh Mirvali, the LUPA show will count with works by Héctor Zamora among the large-scale pieces gathered there. And the SOLO segment, curated by Pablo León de la Barra and Julieta Gonzalez, will be featuring photographs by Thomaz Farkas.

ArtRio: September 10 to 14 de setembro, at Pier Mauá, Rio de Janeiro

sp-arte/foto 2014
  • Geraldo de Barros, Homenagen a Simeão Leal, 1950 (ed. vintage)
Amid both the accelerated emergence of new techniques and the art market moves, the status of photography as an art object acquires different nuances - on the one hand, large print runs allow greater diffusion of a work, on the other, vintage prints (limited number copies, sometimes single units) made ​​by the artists themselves, not only hold a certain aura, but truly keep a deeper relationship with the photographer's live action. In this sp-art/foto fair edition, Luciana Brito Galeria presents vintage copies of key names of Brazilian art since modernism, such as Gaspar Gasparian, Geraldo de Barros (above) and Thomaz Farkas. Original prints by contemporary artists such as Rochelle Costi, Caio Reisewitz and João Luiz Musa will also be featured at the gallery's booth. // sp-arte/foto: August 20 - 24, Shopping JK Iguatemi, 3rd floor. São Paulo, Brazil


sp-arte 2014
  • 1/1

ALEX KATZ at sp-arte 2014: April 3 to 6

The Armory Show 2014
  • 1/1

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ARCO Madrid 2014
  • 1/1

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