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Art Basel Miami Beach 2017
  • Tiago Tebet, Untitled, 2017
Semana de Arte
  • Caio Reisewitz,“Dracaena Marginata (Dracena Marginata)”, 2017

For the first version of the Semana de Arte art fair, Luciana Brito Galeria presents a selection of works that establish a dialogue with its headquarters, the house Castor Delgado Perez designed by the architect Rino Levi. Among the artists presented are Waldemar Cordeiro, Thomaz Farkas and Augusto de Campos, whose artistic production is contemporaneous with the project of Rino Levi as well as Pablo Lobato and Caio Reisewitz, artists who establish this dialogue with modernism in their visual poetics. On the occasion Caio Reisewitz presents for the first time a series of watercolors made on his photographs of Casa Castor Delgado Perez's house.

SP-Arte/Foto 2017
  • João Luiz Musa, “Floresta de cima, Mato Grosso, Brasil”, 1988

For this edition of SP / Arte-Foto, Luciana Brito Galeria prepared a comprehensive selection of works that have photography as its medium of artistic expression. Among the artists represented in this edition are Caio Reisewitz with a series of photographs of architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha's houses, João Luiz Musa with a series made in the 80's, Marina Abramović with the triptych "The Current", Pablo Lobato with the series " Mudas" and Rochelle Costi with the photograph "Observador" a new work conceived this year.

SP Arte 2017
  • Untitled, 2017

For this version of sp-art we bring a selection of exclusive works presenting a panorama of the most recent production of artists of different generations. Among the highlights of this selection there are new works by Rafael Carneiro and Tiago Tebet. From another generation, but having the painting as a common medium, we present on our stand some works by Fernando Zarif, in which the artist composed delicate images through the exploration of textures and colors. The sp-art is also the occasion to show the work of Pedro Caetano, the newest artist represented by the gallery.

ARCO Madrid 2017
  • Regina silveira, “Brazil Today: Brazilian Birds”

The exhibition proposal of Luciana Brito Galeria for Arco Madrid 2017 will present important Brazilian artists who began their trajectory between the 1940s and 1960s.

Entitled "The Future in the Past," the exhibition is curated by Daniel Rangel, who proposed to bring together works, documents and manuscripts of historical artists, already represented by the gallery, such as Waldemar Cordeiro, Geraldo de Barros, Thomas Farkas and Regina Silveira, together With other pieces by important artists of the same period and who had a common dialogue, but which are not represented by the gallery, such as Hélio Oiticica, Antônio Volpi, Julio Plaza and the poet-artist Augusto de Campos.