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ArtBo 2015
  • Regina Silveira, "Série Eclipses", 2005

From September 31st to October 4th, Luciana Brito Galeria will be in Bogota for its second participation in artBO. This year, we’ll bring to our stand C17 a selection of works by four generations of artists that were either born or are based in Brazil: Regina Silveira, Fernando Zarif, Héctor Zamora and Tiago Tebet.

ArtBO 2014
  • 1/1

In its first participation in Bogota’s ArtBO, Luciana Brito Galeria has selected works by Rochelle Costi and Pablo Lobato – two of the most prominent Brazilian artists of their generations. Rochelle Costi work is mostly based on installations, photographs, sculptures and interventions. Pablo Lobato’s practices combine cinema and the fine arts, but rather related with the discursive dimension of certain materials and experiences, than with any specific languages. In deeply distinct ways, both artists weave intimate/subjective and social/collective dimensions. // ArtBO: October 23 - 27 de outubro, at Gran Salón de Corferias, Bogota