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Liliana Porter participates in the 57th edition of the Venice Biennale

Tags: Venice Biennale / Viva Arte Viva / Liliana Porter

Liliana Porter, Man with an axe, 2017

The Venice Biennale inaugurates its 57th edition on the next 13th of May. Entitled Viva Arte Viva and curated by Christine Macel, it intends to be a comprehensive panorama of international art production. Given the historical weight of being the oldest art biennale, it naturally is one of the most expected and celebrated events in the art world. This time, humanism will be a key concept; a guideline conceived and brought forward by the curator.

Among the artists chosen for the prestigious event is Argentinean Lilian Porter (Buenos Aires, 1941). She will exhibit A man with an axe, 2017, the result of a long chain of works produced in the last years, in which the artist puts a small lonely figure in front of a huge pile of material in regards to its fragile scale. Facing such huge mountains, the figures in these series seem to work incessantly. Besides the main little figure, there are other small characters inhabiting the piece: archetypes such as soldiers, travellers, peasants, geishas, kings, among other unexpected ones. 

Lilian Porter’s artwork can be seen in the Arsenale area until the final day of the biennale on November 26 in the city of Venice.

For more information, please visit the event’s official website.

Regina Silveira participates in group show in Germany

Tags : Kunsthalle Darmstat / Planet 9 / Regina Silveira

Regina Silveira, Touch, 2016 (simulation)

Kunsthalle Darmstadt in Germany opens from May 30 onwards the exhibition Planet 9. With an innovative approach that presents permanent and temporary installations and takes advantage of the most diverse areas of the 1950’s modernist building from German architect Theo Pabst, the group show adopts a criteria of symmetrical equilibrium between female and male artists for the selection of its 24 artists.


Among the 24 chosen of different nationalities is Brazilian Regina Silveira (Porto Alegre, 1939), with the artwork Touch (2016).


Guided by the concept of equity, Planet 9 invites audiences to reflect on the relationship between actors and space and on how all agents mutually influence each other.


The show runs until August 27. For more information, please visit the museum's website.

Marina Abramović participates in exhibition dedicated to the theme of Intuition in Venice

Tags : Intution / Palazzo Fortuny / Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović, Chair for Human Use (I), da série/ from the series Transitory Objects for Human Use, 2015


Concomitantly with the forthcoming Venice Biennale 2017, Axel & May Vervoordt Foundation presents, in partnership with the Palazzo Fortuny Museum, the exhibition Intuition. Curated by Axel Vervoordt e Daniela Ferretti, the show explores how intuition has influenced art through generations, cultures and locations.


Works of art from many different periods of History can be seen, from Neolithic sculptures to contemporary artworks, evidencing links and connections with the show’s central theme.


Among the selected artists is Marina Abramović ( Belgrade, 1946), which participates with the installation Structures for Human Use da from the series Transitory Objects, an astonishing piece that tackles the divine mystery of intuition.


The exhibition runs until November 26. For more information, visit the Palazzo Fortuny’s website.

Itau Cultural presents a group show to celebrate it's 30th anniversary

Tags: Itáu Cultural / OCA / Caio Reisewitz / Éder Santos / Geraldo de Barros / Regina Silveira / Rochelle Costi / Waldemar Cordeiro

Caio Reisewitz, Butantã, 2003 Éder Santos, Cinema, 2009 Regina Silveira, Descendo a Escada, 2002 Rochelle Costi, Casa Própria, 1999

From May 25th, Itaú Cultural presents the exhibition Modos de ver Brasil. The show celebrates theinstitution's 30 years anniversary and will presentworks that are part of it's collection. The exhibition will be on display at the OCA (Ibirapuera Park) where will be showcased works by Caio Reisewitz, Éder Santos, Geraldo de Barros, Regina Silveira, Rochelle Costi and Waldemar Cordeiro.

CBB RJ opens group show with works by Éder Santos, Rochelle Costi and Thomaz Farkas

Tags :CBBRJ / Yes nos temos Bikini / Éder Santos / Rochelle Costi / Thomaz Farkas

Rochelle Costi, São Paulo Hotel, 2003 Thomaz Farkas, Praia de Copacabana, 1947 Éder Santos, Message in A Bottle, 2014

The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil RJ [Bank of Brazil Cultural Center in Rio de Janeiro] (CCBB-RJ) opens from May 17 onwards the exhibition Yes, Nós Temos Bikini, celebrating seven decades of the garment’s existence and development through history.

Curated by Lilian Pacce, the exhibition’s goal is, in addition to display an historical panorama of this swimsuit, to promote a dialogue with contemporary art.

The show is planned in five sections in which the bridge between the bikini’s history and other contemporary issues is established. Artists Éder Santos (Belo Horizonte, 1960) , Rochelle Costi (Caxias do Sul, 1961) and photographer Thomaz Farkas (Hungrie, 1924) are part of  Territorios e Modos [Territories and Customs], a section which explores the vicinities and behaviour springing from this imagery. 

The exhibition runs until July 10. For more information, please visit the institution's website.