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MAR presents Pablo Lobato’s first solo show in Rio

Tags: Pablo Lobato / MAR - Museu de Arte do Rio / Clarissa Diniz

One-nil for Kelly, #1, 2016, mineral pigment on cotton paper, 52 x 52 cm

Opening on April 26th, Pablo Lobato’s (Bom Despacho, 1976) first solo show in Rio de Janeiro takes place in one of the most relevant cultural spaces of the city: the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR). Curated by Clarissa Diniz, the exhibition Da natureza das coisas - Pablo Lobato [On the nature of things – Pablo Lobato] reveals a trajectory marked by his attention to what is already given, that is, to the nature of things, which is highlighted by the artist’s gestures and procedures. 


Having initiated his research in cinema and photography, the artist has long extrapolated such fields, and now his works explore not only the specificities of images, but also their exhibition mechanisms. According to the curator, “for the last years, we see his works overflow the field of photography and cinema; Pablo Lobato experiments with objects, installations, publications, and sculptures that equally echo the gestures of a rigorous yet libertarian hand, dedicated to free, and not to control, the senses”.


On the morning of the opening, at 11am on the ground floor of the Exhibitions’ Pavilion, the artist, the curator and the exhibition’s team will talk about the works and the curatorial strategies employed in the show. 


For more information, please visit MAR's website.