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Héctor Zamora presents solo show at the Palais de Tokyo

Tags: Héctor Zamora / Palais de Tokyo / Vittoria Matarrese / SAM Art Projects

Orden y Progreso, 2012. © Héctor Zamora

For his first solo show at the Palais de Tokyo, which results from his residency with SAM Art Projects in 2015, Héctor Zamora (Mexico City, 1974) presents a performative installation that evokes the deconstruction of the symbolic universe and of the hopes connected to the idea of navigation. In Ordre et Progrès [Order and Progress], the artist gathers, at the space Orbe New York – whose large windows open for the Seine  –, several fishing boats, which are slowly dismantled, part by part, during the extent of the show. 


Curated by Vittoria Matarrese, Ordre et Progrès reactivates an action performed in 2012 in Lima (Peru), now re-signified by the new historical and territorial context where it is presented. According to the artist, “the boats symbolize the adventure and the discovery, but also represent the hope for shelter or the possibility of surviving in a hostile environment. If they communicate a social imaginary fed by major historical epopees, today they are equally connected to the migration crisis”. With this installation, Héctor Zamora continues to reflect on the fragilities contemporary social-economic models and on the deconstruction of part of de modern western ideals.


The show can be visited from May 2nd to 14th. For more information, please visit the website of the Palais de Tokyo.