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Raphaël Zarka presents the series Riding Modern Art in exhibition dedicated to the Richard Prize

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Raphaël Zarka, "Riding Modern Art", 2007/2016

The exhibition Time Will Tell will take place on December 9th at El Eco Museo in Mexico City. The exhibition is based on Ricar Prize´s history  and presents the work of seven artists who have won the prize in the last 17 years. Since of its creation the prize aims to encourage the young French art scene.


Winner of the Ricard Prizes´s 10th edition, the French artist Raphaël Zarka presents in his exhibition the work Riding Modern Art,  a personal collection of photographs capturing skaters around the world “riding” Modern public sculptures.


The Museo El Eco was designed to be a museum without a collection and therefore a space where the experimental and the transitory play a central role. In this sense, the exhibition Time Will Tell, draws attention to the sensorial character of the exhibition space, focusing on the sensorial perception of this building and its spatial that allow the artworks to take place.