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Héctor Zamora presents new performance at Museo Chopo

Tags: Héctor Zamora / Memorándum / Museo Universitário de Chopo

Héctor Zamora, "Memorándum", 2017

The Mexican artist Héctor Zamora (Cidade do México, 1974) presents from February 11th, Memorándum, his individual exhibition at the University Museum of Chopo, in Mexico City. In Memorándum Héctor Zamora continues his artistic research present in other projects such as Ordem e Progresso (2012-2016), Abuso da Historia (2014) and Ruptura (2016), in which the performances intended to highlight issues such as freedom, oppression, progress and other distortions produced in the contemporary society.


For Memorándum the artist will present an action where 50 women type in typewriters their memories. Therefore Héctor Zamora calls attention to sociological and political interpretations on the women´s place within our society.


The action will take place on the February 9th and 11th. After these dates an installation will stay on display.


Memorándum is on view until June 25th for more information please visit the museum´s website