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Pablo Lobato participates in group show at Instituto Tomie Ohtake

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Pablo Lobato, “Quadrado (Girafa #6)”, 2017

Pablo Lobato (Bom Despacho, 1976) is participating in the group show osso, inaugurated on June 27th at Instituto Tomie Ohtake. Through the curatorial selection, the show works toward the issue of civil rights arbitrariness in Brazilian society.


Among the works of the 29 artists included in the show by the curator Paulo Miyada is a certain emphasis on minimal elements or formal solutions that, as the curator proposes, can suggest ideas and feelings of fragility and crudity in regards to the right of defense (practically nonexistent in Brazil). Pablo Lobato exhibits two pieces aligned with the curatorial concept, entitled “Perfurado, #2”, 2016 and “Quadrado (Girafa #6)”,2017.


The exhibition runs until June 30th. For more information, please visit Intituto Tomie Ohtake's official website.