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Pablo Lobato participates in a performance that aims to alert about the situation of public education in Brazil

Tag: Pablo Lobato / Rumos Itáu Cultural / Torre de Transmissão / Expedição Catástrofe

Still of the performance

On October the 1st, Pablo Lobato (Bom Despacho, 1976) presents Torre de Transmissão, a performance piece conceived by him and fellow artists Renata Marquez, Cacá Fonseca, Filipe Britto, Glayson Arcanjo, Pedro Britto, Laura Castro, Ícaro Lira and Yuri Firmeza, on the context of Transmissão Expedição Catástrofe: Por uma arqueologia da ignorância, a project which is part of Rumos Itaú Cultural prestigious programme.

The performance aims to warn about the Brazilian public education delicate situation in the last 20 years. The action consists in the reading of the 60.000 names of closed schools broadcasted by online streaming.

To watch the action, please clik here.