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Raphaël Zarka presents the solo show Riding Modern Art in Belgium

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Raphaeël Zarka "Paving Space", 2017  (photo Stan Laurentio)

Rafael Zarka (Montpellier, 1977) presents, from September 2nd onwards, his latest solo exhibition entitled Riding Modern Art, at BPS22 Musée d'art de la Province de Hainaut (Charleroi, Belgium).


Curated by Pierre-Olivier Rollin, the show presents images from the series Riding Modern Art and a new, site-specific version of Paving Space, exclusively conceived for the museum’s main hall.


With these works, Zarka re-posits questions surrounding form and function inside contemporary debates once again. His art practice has a strong relationship with skateboarding, thus, skaters are allowed to participate in the exhibition.


The show runs until January 7th 2018. For more information, please visit the museum’s website.