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Tobias Putrih participates in exhibition in honor of historic Biennial

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Tobias Putrih, “Times Wed Jan 18", 2012

Tobias Putrih (Slovenia, 1972) participates in the collective exhibition trigon 67/17 - environment nuovo / post environment, which opens on September 23th at the Künstlerhaus in Graz, Austria.

The exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of trigon 67, a tri-nation biennial that had Austria, Italy and former Yugoslavia as its host countries, contributing to the artistic exchange in the region. The show trigon 67/17 offers both a retrospective and an update—turning its gaze on both history and the altered framework for dealing with space through art.

Trigon 67/17 runs until October 29th, for more information, please visit the institution's website.