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Waldemar Cordeiro’s playground on view in Switzerland

Tags: Waldemar Cordeiro/ Kunsthalle Zürich / Gabriela Burkhalter

Waldemar Cordeiro, Playground of the Clube Esperia Marginal Tietê, São Paulo, 1966

Waldemar Cordeiro (Rome, 1925 – São Paulo, 1973) is widely known for his artistic production, starting with the foundation of the Brazilian Concrete movement up until his arteônica pieces – an avant-garde investigation in electronic art, the last series developed by him. In parallel to his intense production as artist and his contribution as art critic and professor, he kept a prolific career as landscape designer: in 1953, he created the studio Jardins de Vanguarda [Avant-garde Gardens], which allied his rigorous aesthetical research to a practice of social impact.


Amongst the many projects he created in such field, the still existing playground of the Esperia Club (developed from 1963 to 65 and inaugurated in 1966), is held in admiration until today – a full-sized replica of a labyrinthine construction that integrates the complex was one of the highlights of the 30th São Paulo Biennial (2012), which also comprised 

photographic records of the park on its early days. A selection of such records will be on display at the Kunsthalle Zürich from February 19 to May 15, 2016, as part of the show The Playground Project.


Curated by Gabriela Burkhalter, The Playground Project will bring many exemplary of playgrounds developed until the 1980s, when they were seen as places for social experiments, risky projects, and spectacular sculptures. Records of these nowadays forgotten initiatives and pioneering acts will be accompanied by the installation of three playgrounds in the museum, for children to use freely.


For more information, please visit Kunsthalle Zürich’s website.