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Raphaël Zarka presents solo show in Poitiers, France

Tags: Raphaël Zarka / Musée Sainte-Croix

Raphaël Zarka, Schönflies 329, 2016. Installation Shot at the Sainte Croix Museum, Poitiers (France). Photographer: Maxime Verret

After seeing the collection of mathematical models and scientific objects of the mathematician Arthur Schöenflies – a prominent figure in the field of crystallography and studies on symmetry –, Raphaël Zarka (Montpellier, 1977) was impressed by the tiny geometrical models created by the scientist, forms conceived to imbricate in such a manner that there would be no void between them. From this moment on, he has been creating his own sculptures and installations by amplifying and adapting Schöenflies’ modules, a procedure that relates to another interest of the artist, that is the displacement of scientific objects to the field of aesthetics. 


Titled Manuel de Sculpture Instrumentale, the artist’s solo show at the Musée Sainte-Croix, in Poitiers, France, is an project developed around one of Schöenflies’s modules. During the exhibition, that happens from May to August, the installation – composed of 14 identical modules – will be altered by the artist, his assistants, and members of the museum’s staff, in a way that the piece will assume several formal configurations without actually realizing all of its latent possibilities.  


Due to his connection to the skateboarding community, Raphaël Zarka has invited skateboarders to ride on the piece prior to the opening, so the traces left behind by their action will be seen during the exhibition. Also, on June 18, there will be open skate: a meeting opportunity for professional and amateur skaters, and a rare opportunity for the group to occupy a museum. 


The show happens from May 21st to August 28th, 2016. For more information, please visit the website of the city of Poitiers.