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Héctor Zamora presents new work in Jarin Ochil

Tags: Héctor Zamora / Urdiendo Ritmos / Jardin Ochil

Héctor Zamora, Urdiendo Ritmos, 2017

The Jardin Ochil is a new artistic space, located in the Yucatán peninsula, birthplace of the Mayan civilization and therefore a place of great cultural intercome. The new space seeks to present installations and actions of contemporary artists whose work is related to territory, history and other issues.


The Mexican artist Hector Zamora inaugurates alongside with the artist Marilá Dardot the next season of the space. Hector Zamora presents from April 22th the work Urdiendo Ritmos, 2017. The work reveals a craft technique of weaving, where it is used the fiber of a plant, highlighting the importance of original wisdom and practice.


The pieces will be installed on April 22, 2017 starting at 10 pm. Visitors can interact with the works and can move them from place to place.