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Regina Silveira presents immersive virtual reality work in Stuttgart

Tag: Regina Silveira / Infinities / HLRS / Stuttgart

Regina Silveira, "Infinities", 2017

Regina Silveira (Porto Alegre, 1939) has developed, along with HLRS (High Performance Computing Center in Stuttgart, Germany) and in collaboration with Instituto Itaú Cultural, Infinites (2017), a project which explores virtual reality.


Aligned with the work Odisséia,2017, a piece presented for the time in the exhibition Consciência Cibernética [?] inaugurated last month in São Paulo, Infinites invites the audience to enter in a virtual ambience where the walls are shorter than the height of the eyes, thus transforming the horizon of this worldin a puzzling mirage.


Infinities was donated by the artist to the institution, and can be seen in its Cave room, to which it was specially designed for.