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Caio Reisewitz, Regina Silveira and Rochelle Costi participate in an exhibition that brings the MAM collection to the USA

Tag: Caio Reisewitz / Regina Silveira / Rochelle Costi / Phoenix Museum

Caio Reisewitz, "Jaraguá XXII", 2007, Regina Silveira, "Masterpieces In Absentia (Meret Oppenheim)", 1993/2005, Rochelle Costi "50 h -auto-retrato roubado",1992/1993 (detail)

Caio Reisewitz (São Paulo, 1967), Regina Silveira (Porto Alegre, 1939) and Rochelle Costi (Caxias do Sul, 1961) participate in the exhibition Past/Future/Present: Contemporary Brazilian Art from the Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo, which inaugurates on October the 1st at Phoenix Museum, Arizona, USA.


It is the first large-scale presentation of MAM-SP’s collection to be held in the USA, featuring 70 artworks among paintings, sculptures, installations, photographic prints, video pieces and performances, of 59 Brazilian artists.


Curated by Cauê Alves and Vanessa Davidson, Past/Future/Present: Contemporary Brazilian Art from the Museum of Modern Art aims to display a comprehensive panorama of Brazilian contemporary art production from 1990 to 2010. Caio Reisewitz presents Jaraguá,22, 2007, Regina Silveira presents In Absentia (Meret Oppenheim), 1993/2005 and Rochelle Costi, 50 horas auto-retrato roubado, 1992/93.


The show runs until December 31. For more information, please visit the museum’s website.