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Geraldo de Barros is the main focous of group show in USA

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Geraldo de Barros, “Indeterminante Ótica de duas Formas Iguais”, 1953/1996

Geraldo de Barros is the focus of Building Material Process and Form in Brazilian Art, a group show that will inaugurate on September 14th at Hauser&Wirth Gallery (Los Angeles, USA).


The show's concept departs from Geraldo de Barros' artistc production, displaying his extensive body of work (with special emphasis on the Formica wall pieces and the photographs) in a curatorial dialogue with three other generations of Brazilian artists. The exhibition intends to highlight connections between materials, processes and forms among the artists enrolled, having as key reference the Concretist movement, which Geraldo de Barros was a leading figure.

Building Material Process and Form in Brazilian Art is part of Pacific Standard Time LA/LA 2017 parallel programme and runs until October the 18th.