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Regina Silveira exhibits in the Canadian institution The Rooms

Tags: Regina Silveira / The Rooms, Canada / Vicky Chainey Gagnon

Regina Silveira, Inexplicable Staircase 3 (white), 1999, installation

The diversity of representations of domestic architectures lies in the centre of the group show All day within the dreamy house, titled after a poem by Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809 – 1892). Curated by Vicky Chainey Gagnon, the exhibition includes an installation Inexplicable Staircase 3 (white), from 1999, by Regina Silveira alongside works by Canadian artists Marlene MacCallum, Kym Greeley, Olivia Boudreau and Sheila Pye.


Whether through the modes of documentary photography and artist books, or immersive, video-based or optically enticing installation work, and contemporary painting, all of the visual artists in this exhibition seek ways of representing architectural experiences related to domestic space. Together, the works confront historical images of women and continue to update a long, and skewed conversation within art history.


The exhibition is presented at The Rooms (St. Johns, Canada) from January 16th to April 10th.