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Show approaches Frac Alsace’s recent acquisitions

Tags: Raphaël Zarka / Frac Alsace / Emmanuel Guigon

© Ziad Antar, Burj Khalifa 2, 2011 (detail), from the series Expired. Collection Frac Alsace

Curated by Emmanuel Guigon, the show Parmi les floraisons du ciel incertain [Amongst the flowering of the uncertain sky] gathers recent works by Raphaël Zarka (Montpellier, 1977) and 13 other emerging artists, all of them added to the Frac Alsace’s collection between 2011 and 2015. 


Departing from the metaphor of the strange movements in cloudy skies that accompany earthquakes, understood by the curator as human inventions to exorcise critical situations, the show encompasses works by artists that can somehow project flowerings in uncertain skies, creating a mysterious and tense environment of both imminent disaster and creation. 


The exhibition can be visited at the Frac Alsace from April 20th to July 3rd. For more information, please visit the institution's website.