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Geraldo de Barros and Regina Silveira at SEC Bauru

Tags: Geraldo de Barros / Regina Silveira / Arte a Primeira Vista / SESC Bauru

Geraldo de Barros Untitled, 1949 / Regina Silveira, "Botão", 2002

The exhibition Arte à Primeira Vista, curated by Renata Sant'Anna and Valkyrie Prates, was designed to attract children and teenagers to the world of Brazilian contemporary art.

The exhibition, which features works by Frans Krajcberg, Geraldo de Barros, Leonilson, Lygia Clark, Mira Schendel and Regina Silveira, intends to offer, through the possibility of interaction with artworks, a contribution to the children's playful universe and contemporary art becomes a way to this objective. First time at SESC Bauru the exhibition will be on view until January 8th 2017.