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Tobias Putrih inaugurates the project Slight Agitation at Prada’s Foundation

Tags: Tobias Putrih/ Slight Agitation / Fondazione Prada

Tobias Putrih. Installation view. Photo Delfino Sisto Legnani e Marco Cappelletti.





The Prada Foundation (Milan, Italy) presents from October 20th its new project titled Slight Agitation. Curated by the own foundation, the project will unfold in four site-specifics of artists whose practices and artistic research differ substantially.




The project is set in the Foundation´s Cistern Space and will be started by the artist Tobias Putrih (Slovenia, 1972).  For his intervention in Slight Agitation the artist will transform the Cistern environment into three distinct spaces: a to-be-finished theater, a blind room with a tactile appeal and a sculpture that turns into a labyrinth.




With this new work, that inspire the public´s active participation, the artist explores the limits and opportunities of learning play, extending the physical experience of a large-scale game into the sphere of trade policy and collective consciousness. Instead of a predefined set of rules, Tobias Putrih proposes an evolutional set of games that influence the viewer’s physical experience and all her or his attendant senses. The immersive nature of the presented works will turn the exhibition space into a political, social, playful environment that meets with the curator´s expectations for the project Slight Agitation.




Tobias Putrih´s new installation can be seen until January 22. For more information visit the foundation´s website