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Cine Performa presents in its upcoming edition three works by Pablo Lobato

Tags: Pablo Lobato / Bronze Revirado, Folia, Corda / Cine Performa / Redbull Station

Pablo Lobato, Bronze Revirado, 2011

Red Bull Station monthly promotes the Cine Performa program, which proposes a dialogue between films and audiovisual performances.


For its upcoming edition, the program features three video-installations by the artist Pablo Lobato: Bronze Revirado, 2011, Folia, 2012, Corda, 2014. Although the artist does not necessarily work on a defined subject, these three works deal with the religion and profane universe in Brazil.


The screening will be on April 27th at the Redbull Station, in downtown Sao Paulo. For more information please visit the institution's website.