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Raphaël Zarka participates in exhibition that explores poster as media

Tags: Raphael Zarka / Frac Normandie / Riding Modern Art

Raphaël Zarka, Riding Modern Art (Poster), 2017

For its fifth exhibition dedicated to the question of artistic practice, FRAC Normandie seeks to explore, in Posters, the artistic production that uses the poster as a media.


The exhibition designed by FRAC and curated by Veronique Souben aims to observe the use of the poster as a means to rethink pictorial plainness, investigating the notions of painting and sculpture. For this, the show features the work of about 30 artists, among them Raphael Zarka (Montpellier, 1977) who presents the work Riding Modern Art (Poster), 2017.


The show is on display until August 27th. For more information please visit the institution's website.