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Waldemar Cordeiro participates in a collective exhibition at the Reina Sofia museum that honors the Brazilian critic Mario Pedrosa

Tags: Waldemar Cordeiro / Mario Pedrosa / Museo Reina Sofia

Waldemar Cordeiro, Untitled, 1952

The Reina Sofia Museum presents from April 27th the exhibition De la Naturaleza Afectiva de la Forma. With the curatorship by Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro and Michelle Sommer, the exhibition honours the Brazilian critic Mario Pedrosa (Pernambuco, 1900 - Rio de Janeiro, 1981).


Recognizing the undeniable influence of the intellectual in Brazilian art as well as his prestige within the international art scene, the show features great names of the artistic world, seeking to investigate through their artworks the critic’s interest in art.


Among the artists selected for the exhibition is Waldemar Cordeiro, exponent of Brazilian concrete art, presenting a work from 1952.


The exhibition remains onview until October 16th. For more information please visit the museum's website.