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Regina Silveira: Tramados

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  • ©José Pelegrini

Regina Silveira (Porto Alegre, 1939) is to present the first solo show to occupy Luciana Brito Galeria’s new space, a modernist residency designed by Rino Levi. The opening of the show, titled Tramados, will take place on Saturday June 11th and will be accompanied by the presentation of a new installation by Leandro Erlich (Buenos Aires, 1973), Blind Window.



The investigation of modes codification of images as a tool for the creation of ironic and ludic works, which problematize the status of simulacrum conferred to representation in contemporaneity, has been a constant in Regina Silveira’s work. For her fifth solo show at Luciana Brito Galeria, the image of a blue sky codified as cross-stitch embroidery – already present in public works such as Tramazul (MASP, 2010) and in exhibitions like El sueño de Mirra y otras constelaciones (Museo Amparo, 2014) – is mobilized in a hitherto unseen installation, Dreaming of Blue. Composed of large dimensions modulated pieces produced in ceramics, the piece is a continuity of the homonymous intervention currently presented at a façade in the island of Ogijima (Japan), in the context of the Setouchi Triennial.


The exhibition is complemented by a selection of historical preparatory drawings related to works from the 1980s and 90s. By displaying such drawings, the show allows an overview over the artist’s broad production and enables the contact with her work process, from conception to realization. 


Blind Window

In parallel to Regina Silveira’s solo exhibition, Luciana Brito Galeria presents, at the house’s living room, a hitherto unseen installation by Leandro Erlich (Buenos Aires, 1973), Blind Window. The piece, composed of a glass wall with a window completely closed by bricks, gains new layers of meaning by being installed at Luciana Brito Galeria: the house that is now the siege of the gallery belong to a series of “intimate residencies” by Rino Levi, in which the architect brought the landscape to the inside of the domestic space, reverting the idea of view and approximating contemplation to interiority. 



During the month of June, Leandro Erlich will also present a major installation at the Shopping Iguatemi, launching an exhibition program curated by Marcello Dantas at the location. In July, the artist will be in Rio de Janeiro for the inauguration of the work he has produced for the Olympic Games.

Regina Silveira is preparing a new installation for the exhibition that will also include technical drawings of projects from the 80s and 90s. In parallel, the gallery will present a hitherto unseen installation by Leandro Erlich.


Opening: 11/06/2016, 12am – 18pm


Exhibition: 14/06/2016 – 13/08/2016