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  • Jorge Pardo, Untitled, 2018
SP Arte 2018
  • Allan McCollum, “Collection of Sixty Drawings”, 1988/1991
SP Arte 2017
  • Untitled, 2017

For this version of sp-art we bring a selection of exclusive works presenting a panorama of the most recent production of artists of different generations. Among the highlights of this selection there are new works by Rafael Carneiro and Tiago Tebet. From another generation, but having the painting as a common medium, we present on our stand some works by Fernando Zarif, in which the artist composed delicate images through the exploration of textures and colors. The sp-art is also the occasion to show the work of Pedro Caetano, the newest artist represented by the gallery.

SP-Arte 2016
  • Tiago Tebet, “Pro(des)cendência”, 2016

For the next edition of SP-Arte, Luciana Brito Galeria has prepared an innovative form of participation in art fairs. It will occupy its 120m2 booth with three subsequent solo exhibitions, thus allowing an in depth contact with the production of great names from Brazilian contemporary art, who have prepared new works for the occasion: Regina Silveira, Caio Reisewitz and Tiago Tebet. Plus, the gallery will create a smaller stand within its booth, where the visitors will be able to see a exclusive selection of works by Gaspar Gasparian, Geraldo de Barros, Pablo Lobato, Rochelle Costi, Tiago Tebet, Thomaz Farkas and Waldemar Cordeiro, among others.

  • “Portrait with Firewood”, 2009, 136 x 136 cm


On the occasion in which Marina Abramovic (1946, Yugoslavia) celebrates in Brazil a milestone of her career, with exhibition Terra Comunal (curated by Jochen Volz at Sesc Pompeia), Luciana Brito Galeria aims to amplify the knowledge on her oeuvre through a selection of works especially made for sp-arte. Featuring iconic pieces in photography, installation and video, the selected works bring a concise yet meaningful panorama of her contribution — one of the important legacies to the performance art and one of the most influential on contemporary culture, with a reach that goes far beyond the visual arts and performative arts scene. The selection also highlights her research in Brazil, which has important segments addressed by The Current, a documentary feature to be launched on April 21st. See images of the booth in the gallery page on Facebook.

sp-arte 2014
  • 1/1

ALEX KATZ at sp-arte 2014: April 3 to 6

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SP Arte 2012
  • 1/1

SP Arte 2012

10.05.2012 - 13.05.2012
SP Arte 2011
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Ibirapuera Park

São Paulo, Brazil

11.05.2011 -

Thursday and Fruday | 14-22H
Saturday and Sunday | 12-20H