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The Armory Show 2015
  • Caio Reisewitz, "Paraíba II", 2012


For The Armory Show 2015, Luciana Brito Galeria has selected works by Caio Reisewitz (Brazil, 1967) and Saint Clair Cemin (Brazil, 1951). Mostly based on photography, Caio Reisewitz’s work sets out to establish connections between the recording of what is real and the construction of what is artificial. As commented in a New York Times review on his recent solo show at the International Center of Photography, “his images of fecund wilderness are not what they seem”. The technical exactitude and eventual placidity of his photography call for careful scrutiny: after the initial moment of aesthetic delight, one realizes his images do not obey a merely descriptive intention, revealing critical aspects of the clash between nature and culture.

The Armory Show 2014
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The Armory Show 2012
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7West 34th Street, Suite 1027
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The Armory Show 2011
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The Armory Show 2011

Piers 92 & 94

New York/ USA

03.03.2011 - 06.03.2011